Random thoughts

 “Doing” mode of life compared with the calmer “Being” mode. Going at things full speed is often a less effective than we imagine.


Technology is making things worse—harder & harder to turn off—email, twitter, instagram—faster and faster  but getting nowhere – overwhelmed by information so that you don’t have time to do anything but attend to the techno gadgets that claim to make things easier.


What you think is your choice but no one has told you that before, so you don’t realise that YOU can change what YOU think. What would be different if you thought differently about what makes you angry???


 By being in the moment – you are present to receive the information and therefore better informed, have more fuel / ammunition/ power.

You can Re-set  your cognitive and emotional baselines when you establish a fresh starting point


– if you fight them they will fight harder for recognition--- when they realise they are not scaring  / worrying /occupying you they will simply fade away  FACT.


As you breathe  notice sensations you find in the body--- try to turn that up or down---that is the start --- that is an example of what you can do  Both with Sensations AND  feelings.

 what affects one impinges on the other.

1234© Martin Williams 2015