Hypnosis compared with Mindfulness

Hypnosis compared with Mindfulness


Hypnosis is conducted in a state of focussed awareness. This is achieved by  enabling the client to relax to a point where the extraneous thoughts and functioning of the psyche  are   put on hold. In this state the subconscious is freeing resources to tackle issues and problems that have been previously mis-filed or inadequately processed.


Mindfulness utilises the conscious observation of breathing to enable the individual to reach a point of stillness. Effectively to reset the base lines and provide a new starting point. By bringing the mind to a point of stillness it is believed that an element of taking stock, regrouping and making a fresh start can be accomplished.


Hypnosis guides clients towards solutions and builds strategies for coping, it draws on cognitive behavioural therapy, Neuro linguistic programming, and various other psychological  therapies to develop treatments.


Mindfulness aims to develop an alternative, parallel, or complementary way of processing emotions so that patterns of thinking are developed that enable the individual to self regulate and avoid depressive thinking that causes problems in mental and physical functioning.


Hypnosis and mindfulness are not mutually exclusive. Both have complementary elements and are mutually beneficial.


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